Manufacturer's Representative of Electronic Components


  • Founded in 2012 by Industry veterans as a highly focused Semiconductor Rep firm with a small line card and with an emphasis on supporting FPGA and Processor Architectural system design, Parallax South has expanded the product portfolio, but maintains the vision of a limited line card.

Our Vision

  • A highly focused Rep firm combining extensive territory knowledge, proven performance, technology expertise, and best-in-class operations in order to exceed our Principal’s goals and expectations

Parallax Value Proposition

  • Recognize solutions and platforms are what drives customers success
    • The ability to create opportunities where they previously didn’t exist is what separates us from competition
  • Leverage decades of FPGA, Processor, Memory architecture and System knowledge across diverse use models to address customer needs  
    • Industrial, Communications, Aerospace & Defense and Consumer Markets
  • An experienced technical team that understands and can execute Principal’s strategic initiatives
    • Understands architectural level applications
    • Ability to articulate value provided   
    • Very strong relationships in engineering and purchasing

Parallax Strategy

  • Relationships with top tier customers at all levels of the organization
  • Proven ability to sell differentiated proprietary components
  • Proven ability to sell non-proprietary components
  • Shared ownership promotes Company Stability
  • Focused on Demand Creation
  • Utilize our Principal's CRM tools
  • Financial Stability